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20th-Apr-2025 10:11 pm - Introduction Post
To the people who want me to add you, or want to be friend with me, please come here.. X3 I'll welcome you warmly~


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Please introduce yourself here too.. =D
I'd be glad to know you more... =)

Feel late to introduce yourself here? Let me tell you that YOU'LL BE WELCOMED WARMLY EVERYTIME... =D and more, THERE'S NO 'LATE' WORD HERE.. xD
So, FEEL FREE TO COME HERE EVERYTIME, and have your time! XD

21st-May-2020 10:51 pm - Fanfic Index
I haven't written many fanfics yet, but I made it because I felt very lazy when I want to reread my fics, and I had to open the page one by one.... =______= I'm a lazy person after all.... And maybe it's easier way if someone kind wants to read my fics, but too lazy to flip the pages..  =D

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28th-Mar-2014 01:19 am - My recent life
I've left journal for some other months, I think~
Many things happened and I just couldn't write it down here like what I did before.
My life recently was absorbed by fangirling things. Before, when I said fangirling it will immediately refer to HSJ.
But now, it's different. Yes, now I am in to another fandom, Shingeki no Kyojin, Kuroko no Basuke, Sekaiichi Hatsukoi, and Naruto. But ofc HSJ is still my fave group in Japan. I mean, my fave real dudes. It's just that my mind can't be as focus as it used to be. I even can't think fast when plotting a fanfic. Dunno what has happened in me, but that's a reality.
And I'm still hoping that I will get the door to Tokyo Dome. I have sent the application form for the ticket and have to wait for other 2-3 weeks T^T gosh... i've never seen any concert before, even when I was in my home country. So this excitement is just flowing like crazy inside me and I can't help but being curious about the result of balloting...
26th-Dec-2013 11:05 pm - Late XMAS
I didn't open my journal for aaaaages and therefore I missed many events too.
And I haven't been able to reply any comment yet! I'm so sorry for that! T_T but when I have another time, I'll be sure to reply it! X)
May the blessing comes upon us and hope everyone here had a great Christmas.
I opened my inbox and found asuxchii greeted me a merry Xmas and it reminded me that I haven't said anything here! X(
So thank you so much and Merry Christmas too, Asuka-chan!!!! I hope you had an awesome Christmas! XDDD Super bear hugs for you! <3 <3 <3

Lately, I drowned into other fandom, I guess...
But I'll try my best to be able to finish everything I started here. X)
4th-Nov-2013 05:46 pm - Proposing You (10/?)
Title: Proposing You (10/?)
Author: [info]chii_mao_13
Pairing: Yamachii and other pairings
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Yamada's lips has been once again stolen by the same girl who stole it earlier, meanwhile Chinen and Yamada are still holding their high prides tight, refusing to admit the defeat. Fortunately, Yuma has a nice idea so that they can spend a little time together. But how will it go?

When it comes to love, the justice isn’t any more predetermined by who’s right and who’s wrong. One must defeat his own pride, being humble to be able to admit what he’s done.Collapse )

Anyone still remember it? =D
LOL it's okay even if you don't, because indeed the last time I updated this fic was 8 months ago, I guess. O.O
But if you read and you still remember, I'd loved to receive any comment.
<3 <3 <3

No, I'm not going to be active. I just want the other to know I'm still trying my best not to leave this fandom although I rarely read or write fic anymore. (><)

29th-Oct-2013 11:43 pm - Japan part 1

Waw it's been over than a month since I came to Japan, and yeah, many thing happened~
Living in Japan is not as harsh as what I expected before, but yet it's still hard.
I'm forced to use English and Japanese everyday because there's nobody came to the campus from Indonesia except me, at least for now. But thinking about the positive side, with that case there's no other way than improving my Japanese and English speaking and listening skills. X3
Most of my hangout friends now came from China (I don't know why but everytime I wanted to type 'China', my fingers always mistyped it as 'Chinen', and it happened this time too that I have to erase it and type 'China' again, just to had my fingers slipped once again and made 'Chinen' instead =_____=)

Okay, now about my actual post.
What I want to post this time is my trip. If you speak about getting abroad, it will lead to something called 'ryokou' deshou? XDD
Actually I had so maaaanyyy photos of my trip, but I know I can't post it all here. =_=

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21st-Sep-2013 08:42 pm - JAPAN prologue

The sun is still shining so bright everyday although it's supposed to be fall. But the wind is very strong that if I go out at night, it will be more windy. I arrived at September 17, and landed at Narita Airport. In the way to my apartment, I saw Disneyland! XD hohohoho


It's the road in front of my apartment. I'm staying in the apartment at Seiseki Sakuragaoka in Tama city. It's a suburb area of Tokyo, and took about 45 minutes to my campus. I commute by train everyday, and because the new semester hasn't started yet, it's not that crowded..


I got some friends from China, Spain, France, and other countries too, but I don't have a friend from Indonesia! O.O I'm the only one coming from Indonesia this autumn, and it's not that good because I have to speak Japanese and English everyday, and seriously, it's tiring because I'm not used to talk in both languages everyday. For English, I just used it when I talked in lj or facebook, and it went the same with Japanese. But for daily conversation like this, it's really tiring.. I'm lack of vocabularies, and my English and Japanese aren't that good. I've often made my friends confused with what I said. XDDDD feel bad for it
By the way, my campus is Chuo University, and it's sooooo big.. O.O


It's sooo big that the first time I saw it, my jaw dropped and it went the same with everyone who came together with me. O.O
My class will start next week, and I hope I can survive.. #sigh

By the way, yesterday I just knew that Yamada Chihiro visited Seiseki Sakuragaoka 2 days before I got here!!! +____+ Gosh...
Ah maybe I should stop before I put other HQ photos here and spam everyone's wall with my random story. XDD hahahahaha
Ah, and I just bought a hat for winter! In Indonesia there's no winter, and I have nothing for winter.. O.O so I think I have to buy winter clothes as soon as possible..


It's just a prologue, a start of my adventure. Maybe later I'll share more of my story, but it's enough for now. Hohohoho
see ya
25th-Aug-2013 10:09 pm - For whom it may concern
Hello.. =)
I want to apologize properly to spam my friend's page with my announcement.
I just want to tell you whoever still reading or checking my journal about this.

I apologized once again, I still didn't have any chance to come to read and post any fics here. Everything went beyond my expectation before, therefore I couldn't do as what I said I'd do in my last post. I planned to post the continuation of my fics after my last post, but then I got another news that made me have to be busier.
Shortly, from the middle of next month, I'll be in Japan for a year.
I didn't appear again in lj because I had to prepare so many things because the news came unexpectedly, and my mind was on a mess.

For the continuation of my fics and the life of my lj, I definitely will try to keep them.
As what I've said before, I've prepared some chapters of my fics, but yeah, time problem. And sorry for some friends whose fics I've given a spot before. T^T
I don't know what will happen during my stay in Japan, so I couldn't promise that I'll be active in this fandom. But I'll leave my fanfics in my big sis, and she agreed to post it for me, if anyone wanted it. Maybe the ones those will come from me is post of my daily life. I'm not sure, ehe.
For comment, I'm sorry, there are many comments I haven't replied.. T^T I'M DEEPLY APOLOGIZING FOR IT.

Last, I'm once again thanking you for still reading this, and apologizing if I've disappointed any of you. (><)
And I don't mind if maybe there's any of you who feel disappointed with me and decided to unfriend me. (><) It's okay. =)
15th-Jul-2013 01:34 pm - I'm alive
I'm still alive... yet still invisible. Hohoho.
dropping here because I miss wandering around journal T^T
see ya all again after my hiatus.. XD
7th-Apr-2013 08:26 pm - =)
I'll leave this journal for a while. Actually I've been leaving this journal for a while. But this time, I'll say, again, that I'll be on a hiatus. Many things have happened, and I know there'll be more. Therefore, I decided to put my concentration more on the things I'm working now, because I know it'll be harder and harder if I got distracted.
So, I left my spots here and there, and I'll go there once I get here again. I'm sorry for that. (><)
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